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jekyll & hyde.
쌔끈해 (Feat. Zion.T)
Dynamic Duo


Dynamic Duo  쌔끈해  (Feat. Zion.T) 

“Everything I’ve dreamed of in the past seven years came true in these three days.”

exo “sexy” dances

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My Lady

♫ EXO-K - My Lady (from the album XOXO Kiss Version)

do not edit | cr: made in heaven

do not edit | cr: made in heaven

just can’t control / it’ll eat me up eventually

suho after reading his letter to exo & their fans

suhos message to his members (and fans)

i’ll borrow this precious time to say what i want to say to my members.

shall we go from the maknae? our maknae sehunnie, you’ve grown a lot. it seems like only yesterday i first saw you. at the time, you were shorter than me (sigh). hyung feels warm that you’ve grown this much. i love you.

and tao, who trusts and loves me. on stage, every time you turn and turn, i get proud of you. thank you for relying so much on me. i love you.

kai who introduced me to his parents as his mentor. your loveliness will get through to the world. you know my heart, right? i love you.

and d.o. who secretly takes care of me a lot, i’m going to get jealous if you only play with ryeowook hyung. i love you.

baekhyun, who pretends to be the oldest so often. every day, you tell me it’s a way to show your love …. but … i’ll believe you. i really love the nape of your neck. i love you.

chen, who says he respects me. whenever i hear your high notes, i feel like electricity runs through my body. you’re the best, chen. i love you.

chanyeol, who i feel bad for rebuking so much before debut. i like that you seem more mature after promoting with exo and exo-m. in the future, i will hold you and expect good things from you. i love you.

to lay who is too kind, i get worried for your health because you’re always composing and practising so late. i must buy you health drinks at least. i love you.

luhannie and xiumin who are a strength to me. i’m always grateful that you listen to the problems i can’t tell my dongsaengs. i love you.

and lastly, kris. if i’m the mother of exo, you’re the father right? hee. hwaiting, let’s do well. i love you. 

now that i write to our members, i feel like i’m getting healed. the members that i love, with today as the beginning, for our promotion period, there will surely be a lot of both good and bad things. but let’s multiply the good by twelve and divide the sad by twelve, and get through it well. because we are exo. thank you for always believing in me as your leader. exo, let’s love!

and finally to the fans. the fans who have waited us for so long - we also to the extent you wanted to see us, no even more, we missed you. us exo, with this album, we prepared hard with you in mind. from today, we will show you a lot of different sides to us, so please expect a lot from us! thank you. 

- 130530 sukira, translated by stanningotps. 

do not edit | cr: made in heaven

do not edit | cr: made in heaven